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Assistive Technology
& SDA Homes 

Assistive technology enables people to live healthy, productive, independent, and dignified lives, and to participate in education, the labour market and civic life. Assistive technology reduces the need for formal health and support services, long-term care and the work of caregivers.

 Smart home devices are technologies that can support persons with disabilities and caregivers with daily activities at home. By allowing interaction with home appliances through voice commands or mobile apps, smart home devices give persons with disabilities and caregivers ease of use over everyday appliances to improve accessibility at home.

This site will be listing a diverse range of options for Assistive Technology. 

Below is a small peak of some innovative systems available from our Partners. 

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Assisted Living Products 


Ropox Tables 

The Vision Table Manual is a disability friendly tilting table with manual height adjustment. Ergonomic tables explicitly created for people with mobility disabilities.

The different shapes and sizes make it easy to find precisely the table that fits the individual needs. The built-in well-fare technology, e.g., the tilting table top, allows the user to be more independent and self-reliant.

Vision Manual Table will be an excellent solution if you are looking for a table for people with mobility disabilities. Well-suited for both work, school, play and training. Because of the flexibility, the table can fit the requirements of both elderly, wheel-chair users and handicapped.

The elegant design, user-friendly features, and high usability make Vision Table Manual a popular choice for many.


UPS Solutions 

The SDA standard below requires 2-hour emergency backup in the event of a power outage for 2x GPO points in the participants bedroom and any automated doors for entry or egress.

The most suitable emergency backup device to accommodate the requirements is a UPS system

A UPS System or Uninterruptible Power Supply is a battery backup system that provides surge protection, power
filtering and instantaneous power to connected equipment, without interruption, in the event of a power outage.

Some Supplier presentations 

UPS Solutions Recorded Presentation Brisbane SDA

UPS Solutions Recorded Presentation Brisbane SDA

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