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Connect & Collaborate

Our Connect and Collaborate program offers endless opportunities to connect to the right people. Members can use the connect service to businesses, whilst enjoying having the connection to theirs 

NDISDA Corporate and Platinum members receive unlimited connections throughout the year.

You can connect by: 

- Attending events held throughout the year 

- Use our 1300 634 732  (1300 NDISDA National Connect Call Centre Service)

-  Joining as a Member

- Filling out the below form

Please contact us if you have any more questions


Connect to SIL Providers, Property Developers, Builders, Architects, SDA Providers, Insurance Providers, Access Consultants, Fund Managers, Financiers and more.


Contact us today to be connected by emailing 


Member Connect Referral Form

Please fill in the below form to make request to connect to your provider or stakeholder of choice. 

We will contact you within 24 hours.  Only Members can make request for referrals at no cost.

For costs per referral as a non-member please contact us.  

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