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NDISDA Membership 

Attend SDA Events 

SDA Conferences and Events are held across the country. 

Join us, collaborate and connect. 

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Grow Empower Deliver

Why Join? 

Joining NDISDA Membership offers a range of exclusive benefits for both individuals and organizations committed to the ethical standards upheld by our organization.

Of course, you can attend all events without being a Member.


Enjoy the Perks.....


Here's why you should be part of an Exclusive National SDA Community:

Regular Updates and Connectivity: NDISDA Members receive regular updates on industry developments, policy changes, and emerging trends, ensuring they stay well-informed and connected within the dynamic landscape of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

Adherence to Ethical Code: Membership signifies a commitment to our ethical code. We actively encourage individuals and organizations that share our dedication to maintaining high standards in the SDA sector to join, fostering a community of like-minded professionals.

Quality Assurance: NDISDA places a premium on maintaining a high standard within the sector. Membership allows us to monitor behaviours and business practices closely, ensuring that all participants adhere to ethical standards and contribute to the positive development of the SDA community.

Exclusive Benefits: Members enjoy exclusive advantages, including access to specialized resources, networking opportunities, and participation in members-only events. These benefits are designed to enhance professional development and contribute to the success of individuals and organizations within the SDA sector.

Event Vouchers: As a token of appreciation, NDISDA Members receive up to $1100 in event vouchers annually. These vouchers can be used to attend our diverse range of workshops, conferences, seminars, and networking events across the country, providing valuable opportunities for learning and collaboration.


By becoming an NDISDA Member, you not only align yourself with a community dedicated to ethical practices but also gain access to a suite of benefits that contribute to your professional growth and success in the evolving field of Specialist Disability Accommodation. Join us in promoting excellence, connectivity, and positive change in the SDA sector.

NDISDA Membership Types 

For the NDISDA Elite Investors Circle (NEIC) Membership please click below 
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(Carers & Participants)

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"Cap" Memberships 
Carers and Participants 

Full time Carers only
(Not applicable for businesses)


  • Receive monthly e-newsletters  

  • Attend Industry and Community events at no cost.  Limits apply. 

  • Free activity sessions at select events held throughout the year 

  • Unlimited referrals for SDA services 

NDISDA Network Members

$550 inc GST per annum 

A Network Member is an individual Membership designed for employees of Small to Medium businesses who would like to attend all events and network.

Network Members receive; 

  •  1 event Free ticket pa to attend an event up to the value of $195

  • 3 free networking guest tickets (bring a guest at no cost to attend a networking event in your city) 

  • 1 free display table and pull up banner exhibit space at networking events 

  • Up to 10% off event ticket sales* 

  • Free brochure inserts distributed at conferences and networking events.

  • 1 free speaking Workshop opportunity per year 

  • 20% off displays at Conferences held throughout the year - display will include 2 free tickets for members to attend when purchasing a display

  • up to 10 Referrals to other members 

*may not apply to some networking events. not transferrable

Corporate Members

$1650 inc GST per annum 

  • 1 free SDA Conference ticket to the value of the Conference held at the time (up to $450) 

  • 2 free networking tickets per year 

  • 3 free networking guest tickets (bring a guest at no cost to attend a networking event in your city) 

  • 2 display table exhibit spaces at networking events with pull up banner and brochure inserts 

  • Unlimited Referrals and connections a year

  • Satchel inserts (your brochure at all networking events & conferences )

  • Free access to Podcasts and/or recorded copies of seminars (that are recorded)

  • Up to 15%  min reduced rate for all tickets to events, conferences and seminars held in any city*

  • 10% reduced rate for exhibits at events

  • up to 3 Free Workshop speaking opportunities 

  • 1 free conference or seminar speaking space per year 

  • 1 free networking event ticket when accompanies with one other paying guest pa 

*speaker opportunities at discretion of NDISDA. Free ticket value of  $450 and cannot be transferred . 

Affiliate Members 

$350 inc GST per annum 

An affiliate membership is an individual membership for non ABN users and students. 

Affiliate members receive ;

10% discount at events held throughout the country **and regular updates through our bi-monthly newsletter.

SIL Meet SDA Network Members

$350 inc GST per annum 

NDISDA SIL and SDA Provider Members automatically receive this membership at no further cost.


The collaboration between SDA and SIL providers is driven by a shared mission to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities through personalized accommodation and comprehensive support services. 

This collaboration  facilitated through NDISDA's Network, is designed to create signature events for providers to synchronize, collaborate, and establish sustainable relationships. 

SILSDA Annual Network  Members Benefits include: 
1 Free workshop ticket to the value of $195pp 
- 3 Free 'Bring a Guest' Tickets (one per event) to attend networking events held throughout the year 
- Member rates Conferences held through SDA Conferences and Events throughout the year
- 50% off display table and banner pullup space for networking events, and SDA Conferences 
- Free brochure inserts at networking events and SDA Conferences 
- Access to free podcasts
- Access to learning  webinars (costs apply) 

-Monthly newsletters
- Free Connections on the Meet and Greet Linkedin Group 

Platinum Members 

$3300 inc GST per annum 

  • Unlimited Free Referral service to others in the network 

  • Annual free subscription to the 1300 NDISDA connect call (1300 634 732)** conditions apply and is limited. Service Category must be listed  (eg, you are an Architect, Builder, Developer, SIL/SDA Provider)

  • 2 Free Conference vouchers to an SDA Conference and Events event,  valued at $900 

  • 25% off all SDA Conferences and Events event sponsorships and exhibit spaces

  • 2 free networking tickets per year 

  • 3 free networking guest tickets (bring a guest at no cost to attend a networking event in your city) 

  • 2 display table exhibit spaces at networking events with pull up banner and brochure inserts 

  • Free Satchel inserts (your brochure at all networking events and conferences)

  • Logo on all NDISDA websites including SDA Conferences and Events and NDISLINK Events and conferences linking to your website

  • Up to 15% min reduced rate for all tickets to events, conferences and seminars held in any city

  • Logo inclusion in all marketing brochures and newsletters

  • Free Property Listings in monthly newsletters  when applicable 

  • Up to 5 free workshop speaking opportunities 

  • Free Lead forms and referrals from NDISLINK 

  • 3  free Speaking opportunity at an NDISDA SDA Conference pa 

*speaking spaces apply when available  and may be limited (eg, 2 competiting organisations, first serve basis

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Network Members receive a

$195 SDA Conferences and Events voucher pa


Corporate Members receive a

$395 SDA Conferences and Events Voucher pa

 Platinum Members receive 2x$395 vouchers 

- Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issue. Unused values will not be refunded or attributed to any transactions after the expiry date.

– Gift vouchers can be redeemed against event conferences only from SDA Conferences and Events

– Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash, returned for a refund, have their balances consolidated to a new voucher or be replaced after expiry and are not legal tender, account cards, credit or debit cards or securities.

- Gift voucher cannot be redeemed for less than its value.

- Gift voucher cannot be shared or copied or used more than once a year

– If your purchase exceeds the value of the gift voucher, balance must be paid by cash, debit or credit card.

– Gift vouchers cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. If you suspect an unauthorised activity, immediately report this to SDA Conferences and Events on 1300 667 709 or providing all details including membership details and a photo ID for verification purposes.

– SDA Conferences and Events reserves the right to cancel a gift voucher if we deem such action necessary. If so, we may either provide a replacement gift voucher of equivalent value unless we suspect fraud in relation to a gift voucher. The gift voucher remains our property.

- SDA Conferences and Events can vary or replace these conditions from time to time

SDA Conferences and Events is a subsidiary of Jazcorp Australia pty Ltd  

Membership Application Form 

Membership Application form 

Please fill in the below application form. We will respond within 24 hours to assess your application for approval. This form may take a few seconds to load.

Please email us should you require a hardcopy form or if you would prefer an invoice emailed to you 

Please call 1300 667 709 should you have any enquiries 

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