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National Round Tables 

The National NDISDA SDA Housing and Disability Round Tables will be held once every 2 months or as needed depending on the city and demand.

Members representing a diverse sector will discuss SDA challenges, bringing together  the leaders and stakeholders of Specialist Disability Housing, Disability, Providers to improve communication and share information across the disability & SDA sector. 

Email to register your interest. 

National SDA Roundtables 

Limited to 10 - 30 persons at a time and held at various venues in your city.


Roundtable membership is; 

Free to Platinum and Corporate Members

Affiliate and Network members pay $350 a year. 

Additional catering costs apply for meetings 


The NDISDA Roundtable objective is to; 

- provide a forum for discussion and debate about broad strategic issues facing the Specialist Disability Accommodation sector

- identify and/or clarify specific issues; focus on the solution/s to identified issues;

- provide a forum for the exchange of information between the all Disability/Housing/ SDA Sectors

- maintain a list of items for discussion at Round Table events.

- assess potential for action to change and submit recommendations to governing bodies/local government 

The Round Table committee is not; 

-  another arm of governance;

-  a replacement or duplication of the work of other forums/industry bodies which serve the disability sector

-  a forum for discussion and debate about issues of concern to a single organisation.


The Round Table Membership operates on the basis of the following principles:

Respect :  All round tables provide a safe environment for members to speak freely on topics of interest

Equality: All members have equal status at meetings

Reflection: all members will have a commitment to regular reflection and ongoing development together

Positive attitude: all members will approach the role with a positive attitude and appreciate and accept each other's skills and diversity that are brought to the Round Table 

Notice of meetings

All notices of meetings will be accompanied by an agenda and associated documents and reports.

The minutes of the proceedings of a meeting must include:

- the names of the Round Table members present at the meeting

- a summary of discussions held by the Round Table members together with the resolution.


The minutes of the proceedings at a meeting must be submitted for confirmation at the next meeting or, if that is omitted, at a subsequent meeting.


Subscribe to the Roundtable Membership 

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